Painting and Decorating in Chiswick


The Chiswick area (including Turnham Green, Chiswick Riverside and Chiswick Homefields) has a large mixture of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian housing dating from the area's 19th Century popularity. Chiswick properties frequently feature a lot of distinctive wood elements - they really reward hard work from the decorator.


The age and style of the properties often result in some decay of exterior woodwork. The closeness of the river adds a degree of dampness in the air, so exterior decorating work in the area often includes woodwork repair.

Unfortunately it is easy to cover problems with a coat of paint rather than deal with them properly, and this only allows rot to continue unseen. We recommend thorough investigation if there is any reason to suspect that exterior woodwork has been neglected, and proper repair and replacement of any damaged items.

We are experts with the RepairCare system, the best system of wood repair we know of.


The classic interior of many homes in this area really lend themselves to interior design. Anything from classical-style colours and decorations to modern and artistic flourishes can look wonderful.

We love working on these houses because the underlying standard of craftsmanship is very high. Even when there has been some internal neglect or damage they can be brought back to very good condition.

Internal highlights such as moulded cornices or ceiling roses, where they have not been removed, are increasingly popular - it is usually well worth the extra effort to restore them.

From a decorator's point of view they require careful work, not rushed, but the surfaces are usually sound or can be made so.